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Skills, systems and sales motivation

Complete b2b sales program and step-by-step sales process for professional service companies, salespeople, sales managers, IT consultants, entrepreneurs, founders and business owners.

When it comes to training salespeople, most organisations spend the bulk of their time ensuring their people are up to speed on product and /or service knowledge and helping their people understand the process or technical skills necessary to sell.

There are, however, other areas which are just as important but are often overlooked. As a result, to liberate sales potential and create successful sales habits, the focus needs to cover all three of the following areas:

1. Skills

Selling is not a “Black Art” and although there will always be those who have a more natural communication style, it is essential to understand the stages of a professional sales meeting and all the top tips that can make or break a sale.

2. Sales Motivation

Increasing confidence and desire

Delegates learn how to make significant changes to their self-image and their level of confidence in a winning business environment.

Understanding Self Talk

Delegates learn about how their brain reacts when it locks onto a goal, and how they can use this to motivate them in their work environment.

3. Systems

How to use your stats as a motivator. Here we help the delegate to understand their 4-5 stats which are driving the revenue. They can then develop a plan which reflects their strengths and areas to grow. Our unique differentiator is that all of our courses, modules, coaching will combine elements of sales motivation, sales skills and self-management as all three elements are essential to achieve lasting change. Do not procrastinate your sales transformation.



1- Foundation

  • Creating the habits of successful salespeople
  • Formula for success in sales
  • Develop emotional resilience

2 - Networking

  • Developing a professional network of contacts
  • Effective networking – events, face to face
  • Conversation structure to establish contact

3 - Buying cycle

  • Recognize the main phases of buying cycle
  • Proper strategies at different phases
  • Effectiveness in writing and sending offers/proposals

4 – Q.U.I.S. TM – consultative selling

  • 4 main phases of effective meeting with potential clients
  • 1.Question + 2.Understand
  • 3.Influence + 4.Solidify



Toma Staykov - Country Manager, SBR Consulting

“Sales, Coaching and Motivating people changed and it’s still changing my life. That’s why I love it!” This is how Toma Staykov describes his 10 years career that has involved selling, leading sales teams and developing organizations in the US and Bulgaria.

2009 – Build his first 10 person Sales team at age 21

2011–2012 - at Southwestern Advantage

  • Top 1st year dealer - sales (international division) 2011;
  • Top 2nd year dealer - sales (international division) 2012;
  • Top Experienced Dealer - sales (finishing in the top 10% in the company worldwide ) 2012;
  • Wall Of Grates - for recruiting (Number one in the company worldwide - recruited and trained 20 person team)
  • Gold Award - for working 80+ hours a week (sales summer program = 12 weeks)

2013 – Started Delta3 Consulting - Growth for 5 years in a row

2017 – Set up the Bulgarian branch of SBR Consulting

Specific areas of specialism include:

  • Consultative/solution sales technique
  • Winning new business
  • Sales Leadership
  • Sales Mentoring / Coaching
  • Creating Sales Playbook
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