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Organizational Culture

Managing culture for better results of organizations

Part of Global Business Skills series - the Hofstede Model 


Traditionally, companies measure their performance by accounting, financial, output and sales numbers. This data, however, is an indicator of their past state. The way employees do their job determines collaboration, communications, customer service, corporate image, innovation and cost management. That is why the human factor is best predictor about where the company is heading, about its future state.

This workshop offers basic training into the essence and practical applications of Organizational Culture as a tool of strategic management.

Organizational Culture is a workshop which helps corporate managers understand:

  • What exactly is organizational culture and how to measure it
  • The connection between working practices and effectiveness of employees
  • How customer service depends on employee attitudes to finding solutions
  • Why some departments collaborate well with others and some obstruct the exchange of information
  • What is the influence of leadership style on productivity
  • What is the difference between work motivation and stay motivation
  • How the capacity for change of any company such as readiness for diversity, innovation, learning and restructuring determines its agility (its sustainability in VUCA conditions)
  • How organizational culture is able to support or to obstruct achievement of the company’s strategic goals
  • The influence of national culture upon corporate operations in mono- and in multicultural teams

Who it is for:

This workshop is suitable for professionals involved in all corporate functions relating to strategy, personnel management and organizational development:

  • Top managers in direct charge of corporate strategy and results
  • Human resource managers concerned with recruitment, retaining, motivation and performance of employees
  • Financial, operations, product development and sales managers who are concerned with improving the effectiveness of their departments


Daniela Kaneva – In the course of her 25+ career in international sales and marketing Daniela worked and lived among more than 20 countries around the world in Europe, Russia, Western Balkans, Central Asia, Middle East, United States and Mexico. She is lead consultant for California for Hofstede Insights Inc. and works with corporate clients on tasks related to global workforce diversity, cross-cultural marketing, management of global (multicultural) teams, organizational culture for strategy and agility for CEOs.

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